Monday, March 06, 2006

2006 Longlists

in no particular order
& selected by the ReLit founders


1. The Next Rainy Day, Philip David Alexander (Dundurn)
2. Sympathy, Dede Crane (Raincoast)
3. Mallory, Margaret Gunning (Turnstone)
4. A Place Apart, Maureen Lennon (Dundurn)
5. The City Man, Howard Akler (Coach House)
6. Bonk on the Head, John-James Ford (Nightwood)
7. Toy Gun, Dennis E. Bolen (Anvil)
8. As if by Accident, Julie Johnston (Key Porter)
9. Alligator, Lisa Moore (Anansi)
10. Back Track, Harold Johnson (Thistledown)
11. The Sweet Edge, Alison Pick (Raincoast)
12. Killing Time, Hank Schachte (New Star)
13. Tattycoran, Audrey Thomas (Goose Lane)
14. Garbage Head, Christopher Willard (Vehicule)
15. The Grammar Architect, Chris Eaton (Insomniac)
16. The Extraordinary Garden, Francois Gravel (Cormorant)
17. The Nettle Spinner, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer (Goose Lane)
18. The Immaculate Conception, Gaetan Soucy (Anansi)
19. When I Was Young & In My Prime, Alayna Munce (Nightwood)
20. Berth, Carol Bruneau (Cormorant)
21. The Beautiful Wife, Leon Rooke (Thomas Allen)
22. The Parachute, Sinclair Dumontais (Key Porter)
23. Thaw, Nicole Lundrigan (Jesperson)
24. The Dirty Milkman, Jerrod Edson (Oberon)
25. A Perfect Night To Go To China, David Gilmour (Thomas Allen)
26. Zed, Elizabeth McClung (Arsenal Pulp)
27. For Those Whom God Had Blessed With Fingers, Ken Sparling (Pedlar)
28. The Redemption of Anna Dupree, Jim Christy (Ekstasis)
29. The Sundog Season, John Geddes (Turnstone)
30. Snow Man, David Albahari (Douglas & McIntyre)
31. Gotta Find Me An Angel, Brenda Brooks (Raincoast)
32. College Street, Olindo Romeo Chiocca (Guernica)
33. Sextant, Maya Merrick (Conundrum)
34. Asthmatica, Jon Paul Fiorentino (Insomniac)
35. Showbiz, Jason Anderson (ECW)
36. I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes, Jaclyn Moriarty (Anansi)
37. Smoke Show, Clint Burnham (Arsenal Pulp)
38. Casualties, Terrence Heath (Coteau)
39. Bowl Brawl, Nathaniel G. Moore (Conundrum)


1. Yesterday’s People, Goran Simic (Biblioasis)
2. Bloodknots, Ami Sands Brodoff (Arsenal Pulp)
3. Nasty, Short and Brutal, Daniel Nemiroff (Exile)
4. Postcards from Ex-Lovers, Jo-Anne Elder (Broken Jaw)
5. The Far Away Home, Marci Denesiuk (NeWest)
6. The Sound of All Flesh, Barry Webster (Porcupine’s Quill)
7. A Twist of Malice, Jean Rae Baxter (Seraphim)
8. Kissing the Damned, Mark Foss (Oberon)
9. A Small Dog Barking, Robert Strandquist (Anvil)
10. Cities of Weather, Matthew Fox (Cormorant)
11. Ladykiller, Charlotte Gill (Thomas Allen)
12. Limbo, Jacqueline Honnet (Turnstone)
13. 13 Ways of Listening to a Stranger, Keath Fraser (Thomas Allen)
14. Kiss of the Beggar, Pierre L’Abbe (Guernica)
15. The Hollow and Other Fictions, Richard Truhlar (Mercury)


1. Gutted, Evie Christie (ECW)
2. were the bees, Andy Weaver (NeWest)
3. Hot Poppies, Leon Rooke (Porcupine’s Quill)
4. Invisible Foreground, David Bateman (Frontenac)
5. Re:Zoom, sheri-d wilson (Frontenac)
6. Lichen Bright, Lauren Carter (Your Scrivener Press)
7. The Fertile Crescent, Karen Shenfeld (Guernica)
8. The Burning Alphabet, Barry Dempster (Brick Books)
9. In the Scaffolding, Eric Miller (Goose Lane)
10. From Sarajevo with Sorrow, Goran Simic (Biblioasis)
11. Lunar Drift, Marlene Cookshaw (Brick Books)
12. No Cage Contains a Stare that Well, Matt Robinson (ECW)
13. A Painter’s Poems, Christopher Pratt (Breakwater)
14. Songs to Kill a Wihtikow, Neal McLeod (Hagios)
15. Souwesto Home, James Reaney (Brick Books)
16. The Unsaid Passing, B.W. Powe (Guernica)
17. Flicker, Rob Budde (Signature)
18. Miraculous Hours, Matt Rader (Nightwood)
19. False Maps for Other Creatures, Jay Millar (Nightwood)
20. Ecologue, Ken Belford (Harbour)
21. Fever, Leanne Averbach (Mansfield Press)
22. Another Name for Bridge, Suzanne Hancock (Mansfield)
23. Nerve Squall, Sylvia Legris (Coach House)
24. The Clicheist, Amanda Lamarche (Nightwood)
25. Jawbone, Steven McCabe (Ekstasis)
26. Blue Feast, Shawna Lemay (NeWest)
27. Histories, R.D. Patrick (BuschekBooks)
28. Saltations, Jennifer Still (Thistledown)
29. Only This Blue, Betsy Warland (Mercury)
30. Poems from a Broken Body, John Livingstone Clark (Thistledown)
31. Past Imperfect, Suzanne Buffam (Anansi)
32. Spaces Between the Trees, Enos Watts (Flanker)
33. Fabulous Freaks, Stan Rogal (Wolsak & Wynn)
34. Little Theatres, Erin Moure (Anansi)
35. Living Will, Harold Rhenisch (Wolsak & Wynn)
36. Glass Psalms, Jonathan Garfinkel (Turnstone
)37. Time’s Body, Kathleen Wall (Hagios)
38. Delineation, Tanis Rideout (Imaginary Records)
39. Sooner, Margaret Christakos (Coach House)
40. This Woman Alphabetical, Laura Farina (Pedlar)
41. The Broken World, Len Gasparini (Guernica)
42. The World is a Heartbreaker, Sherwin Tjia (Coach House)
43. frogments from the frag pool, gary barwin & derek beaulieu (Mercury)
44. Modern and Normal, Karen Solie (Brick Books)
45. An Oak Hunch, Phil Hall (Brick Books)
46. Ancient Motel Landscape, Shauna McCabe (Broken Jaw)
47. Fluttertongue 3 Disarray, Steven Ross Smith (Turnstone)
48. The Sleep of Four Cities, Jen Currin (Anvil)
49. Anarchive, Stephen Collis (New Star)
50. Singing Home the Bones, Gregory Scofield (Polestar)
51. Ligatures, Donato Mancini (New Star)
52. Unfamiliar Weather, Chris Hutchinson (The Muses’ Company)
53. Silt, Jordan Scott (New Star)

Shortlists announced in late May.