Thursday, April 05, 2007

2007 ReLit Longlists

1. Gargoyles, Bill Gaston (Anansi)
2. The Work of Mercy, Stephen Guppy (Thomas Allen)
3. The Five Hole Stories, Dave Bidini (Brindle & Glass)
4. Sugar Bush, Jenn Farrell (Anvil)
5. Home Schooling, Carol Windley (Cormorant)
6. Zero Gravity, Sharon English (Porcupine’s Quill)
7. Lanzmann and other stories, Damian Tarnopolsky (Exile)
8. Encounters, Michael Trussler (NeWest)
9. Whatever Happens, Tim Conley (Insomniac)
10. The Virgin Spy, Krista Bridge (Douglas & McIntyre)
11. Skids, Cathleen With (Arsenal Pulp)
12. Last Chance to Renew, Scott Randall (Signature)
13. Optique, Clayton Bailey (Vehicule)
14. Your Love is Murder, Paul Hong (Tightrope)
15. Tales of Two Cities, George Fetherling (Subway)
16. The Hour of Bad Decisions, Russell Wangersky (Coteau)
17. Other Times, Other Places, Colin Hayward (Your Scrivener Press)
18. Indigenous Beasts, Nathan Sellyn (Raincoast)
19. World Body, Clark Blaise (Porcupine’s Quill)
20. Destiny’s Telescope, Richard Scarsbrook (Turnstone)
21. The Coward Files, Ryan Arnold (conundrum)
22. Begging Questions, Sean Virgo (Exile)
23. Hitting the Charts, Leon Rooke (Biblioasis)

1. The Biggest Animals, Michael Kenyon (Thistledown)
2. Winter in Hollywood, Richard Teleky (Thomas Allen)
3. ManBug, George K. Ilsley (Arsenal Pulp)
4. Cathedral Women, Carol Malyon (Mercury)
5. Miss Lamp, Chris Ewart (Coach House)
6. The Mole Chronicles, Andy Brown (Insomniac)
7. Dead Man in the Orchestra Pit, Tom Osborne (Anvil)
8. Looking Good, Keith Maillard (Brindle & Glass)
9. The Violin Lover, Susan Glickman (Goose Lane)
10. Season of Iron, Sylvia Maultash Warsh (Dundurn)
11. A Sharp Intake of Breath, John Miller (Dundurn)
12. Beyond the Pale, Elizabeth Rhett Woods (Ekstasis)
13. The Law of Dreams, Peter Behrens (Anansi)
14. Houdini’s Shadow, Leo Brent Robillard (Turnstone)
15. Rootbound, Grant Buday (ECW)
16. Dead Man’s Float, Nicholas Maes (Vehicule)
17. The Uninvited Guest, John Degen (Nightwood)
18. Joyland, Emily Schultz (ECW)
19. Released, Margaret Macpherson (Signature)
20. Saltsea, David Helwig (Biblioasis)
21. Beauty is a Liar, Valerie Joy Kalynchuk (conundrum)
22. Body Contact, Terry Carroll (Mercury)
23. King, Tanya Chapman (Coach House)
24. Empress of Asia, Adam Lewis Schroeder (Raincoast)
25. Where the Rocks Say Your Name, Brenda Hasiuk (Thistledown)
26. The Perfect Circle, Pascale Quiviger (Cormorant)
27. Orphans of Winter, Rob Ritchie (Seraphim)
28. Bow Grip, Ivan E. Coyote (Arsenal Pulp)
29. De Niro’s Game, Rawi Hage (Anansi)
30. Suddenly the Minotaur, Marie Helene Poitras (DC Books)
31. All This Town Remembers, Sean Johnston (Gaspereau)

1. Liar, Lynn Crosbie (Anansi)
2. Wide Slumber for Lepidopterists, A. Rawlings (Coach House)
3. Technicolored, Jason Guriel (Exile)
4. Avatar, Sharon Harris (Mercury)
5. There, Roy Miki (New Star)
6. Backup to Babylon, Maxine Gadd (New Star)
7. The Theory of Loser Class, Jon Paul Fiorentino (Coach House)
8. Cusp/detritus, Catherine Owen (Anvil)
9. Hand Luggage, P.K. Page (Porcupine’s Quill)
10. Whiskey Bullets, Garry Gottfriedson (Ronsdale)
11. Hannus, Rachael Lebowitz (Pedlar)
12. Airstream Land Yacht, Ken Babstock (Anansi)
13. Passport, Angela Hibbs (DC Books)
14. Fathom, Tim Bowling (Gaspereau)
15. Types of Canadian Women, K.I. Press (Gaspereau)
16. Transformations, John Reibetanz (Goose Lane)
17. The Good Bacteria, Sharon Thesen (Anansi)
18. The Octopus, Jennica Harper (Signature)
19. Nocturnal Tonglen, Derek Hanebury (Ekstasis)
20. What You Can’t Have, Michael V. Smith (Signature)
21. I, Nadja, and Other Poems, Susan Elmslie (Brick)
22. Red Ledger, Mary Dalton (Signal)
23. The Human Shore, Russell Thornton (Harbour)
24. Bye Bye Blackbird, Richard Stevenson (Ekstasis)
25. Home of Sudden Service, Elizabeth Bachinsky (Nightwood)
26. The Village of Sliding Time, David Zieroth (Harbour)
27. Aubade, Rob McLennan (Broken Jaw)
28. Bipolar Bear, Catherine Kidd (conundrum)
29. Play Out the Match, Michael Knox (ECW)
30. Shall: ghazals, Catherine Owen (Wolsak and Wynn)
31. The Encantadas, Robert Allen (conundrum)
32. Flesh, A Naked Dress, Susan Andrews Grace (Hagios)
33. The Cold Panes of Surfaces, Chris Banks (Nightwood)
34. Midnight Stroll, Janice Kulyk Keefer (Exile)
35. Black, George Elliott Clarke (Polestar)
36. Primer on the Hereafter, Steve McOrmond (Wolsak and Wynn)
37. Seven into Even, Jacqueline Turner (ECW)
38. Ontological Necessities, Priscila Uppal (Exile)
39. Hitch, Matthew Holmes (Nightwood)
40. Apostrophe, Bill Kennedy and Darren Wershler-Henry
41. Pas de Deux, Nina Berkhout (Turnstone)
42. All the Lifters, Esther Mazakian (Signature)
43. Museum Absconditum, Robert Moore (Wolsak and Wynn)
44. For Love of the City, Alan Reed (BuschekBooks)
45. Travelling Light, Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes (Seraphim)
46. A Curious Beatitude, Sarah Klassen (The Muses’ Company)
47. The Visible World, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco (Mansfield)
48. Personal Peripherals, Jan Allen (BuschekBooks)
49. Tear Down, Ali Riley (Frontenac House)
50. A Bad Year for Journalists, Lisa Pasold (Frontenac House)
51. The Way Boys Sometimes Are, Clarise Foster (The Muses’ Company)
52. The Milk of Birds, Gary Michael Dault (Mansfield)
53. Predicting the Next Big Advertising Breakthrough Using a Potentially Dangerous Method, Daniel Scott Tysdal (Coteau)
54. Anatomy of Keys, Steven Price (Brick)
55. The Language of Sparrows, Andreas Gripp (Harmonia)