Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 ReLit Long Shortlists


North East, Wendy McGrath (NeWest)
Motion Sickness, Ursula Pflug/ Sk Dyment (Inanna)
Pedal, Chelsea Rooney (Caitlin)
Savour, Jackie Bateman (Anvil)
Celia's Song, Lee Maracle (Cormorant)
Walt, Russell Wangersky (Anansi)
Polyamorous Love Song, Jacob Wren (BookThug)
Jazz, Elizabeth Copeland (Quattro)
Motherwild, Ken Rivard (Thistledown)
Just Beneath My Skin, Darren Greer (Cormorant)
My Grandmother's Pill, Lisa Pike (Guernica)
Hysteric, Nelly Arcan (Anvil)
The Green Hotel, Jesse Gilmour (Quattro)
The Tiny Wife, Andrew Kaufman (Cormorant)
New Tab, Guillaume Morissette (Vehicule)
Bunny and Shark, Alisha Piercy (BookThug)
Barker, Wayne Tefs (Turnstone)
The First Principles of Dreaming, Beth Goobie (Second Story)
Carafola, Christine Miscione (Mansfield)
Universal Bureau of Copyrights, Bertrand Laverdure (BookThug)
Mr. Jones, Margaret Sweatman (Goose Lane)


On Malice, Ken Babstock (Coach House)
Easy Fix, Blair Trewartha (Palimpsest)
Mavor's Bones, Rolli (8th House)
Yaw, Dani Couture (Mansfield)
Two Tragedies in 429 Breaths, Susan Paddon (Brick)
Open Letter: Woman Against Violence
Against Women,  Sheri-D Wilson (Frontenac)
Broom Broom, Brecken Hancock (Coach House)
When We Were Old, Peter Unwin (Cormorant)
House Dreams, Deanna Young (Brick)
After Words, Stan Rogel (Guernica)
School, Jen Currin (Coach House)
In the Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci, Jeffrey Round (Tightrope)
The Scarborough, Michael Lista (Signal)
M x T, Sina Queyras (Coach House)
Thou, Aisha Sasha John (BookThug)   
Poems Suitable to Current
Material Conditions, Frank Davey (Mansfield)


What I Want to Tell Goes Like This, Matt Rader (Nightwood)
Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome, Megan Gail Coles (Killick)
Hello, Sweetheart, Elaine McCluskey (Enfield & Wizenty)
Boundary Problems, Greg Bechtel (Freehand)
I Am Currently Working on a Novel, Rolli (Tightrope)
The Gift of Women, George McWhirter (Exile)
I'm Not Scared of You or Anything, Jon Paul Fiorentino (Anvil)
Nothing Looks Familiar, Shawn Syms (Arsenal Pulp)
We Don't Listen to Them, Sean Johnston (Thistledown)
Paradise & Elsewhere, Kathy Page (Biblioasis)
How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun, Doretta Lau (Nightwood)  
Some Extremely Boring Drives, Marguerite Pigeon (NeWest)
How You Were Born, Kate Cayley (Pedlar)
Gifts for the One Who Comes After, Helen Marshall (ChiZine)
By the Book, Diane Schoemperlen (Biblioasis)