Tuesday, January 07, 2020

ReLit Long Shortlists Coming Soon

We apologize for the delay.

The ReLit shortlists will be announced soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Friday, July 13, 2018

2017 ReLit Winners


Bad Things Happen 
Kris Bertin


All the Gold Hurts My Mouth 
Katherine Leyton
(Goose Lane) 


Wigford Rememberies
Kyp Harness
(Nightwood Editions)

Monday, April 09, 2018

2017 ReLit Long Shortlists


The Bus, Adam Pottle (Quattro)
Been in the Storm So Long, Terry Jordan (Coteau)
Listening for Jupiter, Pierre-Luc Landry (QC Fiction)
Today I Learned It Was You, Edward Riche (Anansi)
Into the Current, Jared Young (Goose Lane)
Hungary-Hollywood Express, Eric Plamondon (Esplanade)
Weekend, Jane Eaton Hamilton (Arsenal Pulp)
English is Not a Magic Language, Jacques Poulin (Esplanade)
Mister Nightingale, Paul Bowdring (Vagrant)
Brothers, David Clerson (QC Fiction)
Niagara Motel, Ashley Little (Arsenal Pulp)
The Best Kind of People, Zoe Whittall (Anansi)
Psychomachia, Sanita Fejzic (Quattro)
The Angel’s Jig, Daniel Poliquin (Goose Lane)
Running on Fumes, Christian Guay-Poliquin (Talonbooks)
The Hope, Craig Francis Power (Pedlar)
This Marlowe, Michelle Butler Hallett (Goose Lane)
The Adjustment League, Mike Barnes (Biblioasis)
Blackbird Calling, Laura Swart (Quattro)
All That Sang, Lydia Perovic (Esplanade)
Wigford Rememberies, Kyp Harness (Nightwood)
The Captain of Kinnoull Hill, Jamie Tennant (Palimpsest)
Fabulous Fictions & Peculiar Practices, Leon Rooke (Porcupine’s Quill)
The Poet is a Radio, Jack Hannan (Linda Leith Publishing)


As If, Alban Goulden (Anvil)
The Path of Most Resistance, Russell Wangersky (Astoria)
Worldly Goods, Alice Petersen (Biblioasis)
For All the Men and For All the Women I’ve Known, Danila Botha (Tightrope)
Middle-Aged Boys & Girls, Diane Bracuk (Guernica)
Canadian Shield, Kelley Aitken (Tightrope)
Jettison, Nathaniel G. Moore (Anvil)
Two Man Tent, Robert Chafe (Breakwater)
The Museum at the End of the World, John Metcalf (Biblioasis)
Bad Things Happen, Kris Bertin (Biblioasis)
Waiting for the Cyclone, Leesa Dean (Brindle & Glass)
How to Pick Up a Maid in Statue Square, Rea Tarvydas (Thistledown)
Cretacea & Other Stories From the Badlands, Martin West (Anvil)
Four-Letter Words, Chad Pelley (Breakwater)
Swinging Through Dixie, Leon Rooke (Biblioasis)
The Day of the Dead, Catherine Owen (Caitlin)
Double Dutch, Laura Trunkey (Astoria)
Rising Abruptly, Gisele Villeneuve (University of Alberta Press)


The Holy Nothing, Jessica Hiemstra (Pedlar)
If I Were in a Cage I’d Reach out For You, Adele Barclay (Nightwood)
Saint Twin, Sarah Burgoyne (Mansfield)
All of Us Reticent, Here, Together, Stephen Brockwell (Mansfield)
Nineteen Fifty-Seven, Jim McLean (Coteau)
The Exile Papers- Part Four, Wayne Clifford (Porcupine’s Quill)
Every Night of Our Lives, Rocco de Giacomo (Guernica)
Little Dogs, Michael Crummey (Anansi)
Stampede and the Westness of West, Aritha van Herk (Frontenac)
Yes or Nope, Meaghan Strimas (Mansfield)
Silent Sister, Beth Everest (Frontenac)
After All the Scissor Work is Done, David Fraser (Leaf)
Meditatio Placentae, Monty Reid (Brick)
The Hobo’s Crowbar, JonArno Lawson (Porcupine’s Quill)
The Unlit Path Behind the House, Margo Wheaton (MQUP)
Tight Wire, Kerry Gilbert (Mother Tongue)
Assdeep in Wonder, Christopher Gudgeon (Anvil)
The Days, M.A.C Farrant (Talonbooks)
Pound @ Guantanamo, Clint Burnham (Talonbooks)  
Canticles I, George Elliott Clarke (Guernica)
A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent, Stuart Ross (Buckrider)
Metanoia, Sharon McCartney (Biblioasis)
3 Summers, Lisa Robertson (Coach House)
Shiner, Eva H.D. (Mansfield)
Kids in Triage, Kilby Smith0McGregor (Buckrider)
Injun, Jordan Abel (Talonbooks)
Hard Work Cheering Up Sad Machines, Jason Heroux (Mansfield)
Touch Anywhere to Begin, Jim Nason (Signature)
All the Gold Hurts My Mouth, Katherine Leyton (Icehouse)
Tell Them It Was Mozart, Angeline Schellenberg (Brick)

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

2016 ReLit Winners


One Hundred Days of Rain 
Carellin Brooks


Kevin Hardcastle


The Brief Reincarnation of a Girl
Sue Goyette

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2016 ReLit Long Shortlists


The Capacity for Infinite Happiness, Alexis von Konigslow (Buckrider)
All-Day Breakfast, Adam Lewis Schroeder (Douglas & McIntyre)
One Hit Wonders, Patrick Warner (Breakwater)
Split, Libby Creelman (Goose Lane)
Chinkstar, Jon Chan Simpson (Coach House)
Too Much on the Inside, Danila Botha (Quattro)
Martin John, Anakana Schofield (Biblioasis)
Winnie's Tongue, Nic Labriola (Insomniac)
One Hundred Days of Rain, Carellin Brooks (BookThug)
The Theory of Light at Midnight, Elizabeth Ukrainetz (Tightrope)
A Superior Man, Paul Yee (Arsenal)
A Free Man, Michel Basilieres (ECW)
The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan, Robert Hough (Anansi)
The Hunter and the Wild Girl, Pauline Holdstock (Goose Lane)
The Society of Experience, Matt Cahill (Buckrider)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night, Lynn Crosbie (Anansi)   


Foreign Park, Jeff Steudel (Anvil)  
Asbestos Heights, David McGimpsey (Coach House)
Dear Leader, Damian Rogers (Coach House)
Rotten Perfect Mouth, Eva H.D. (Mansfield)
Monologue Dogs, Meira Cook (Brick)
Collected Poems, Al Pittman (Breakwater)
This World We Invented, Carolyn Marie Souaid (Brick)
No Work Finished Here, Liz Worth (BookThug)
Exquisite Monsters, K.I. Press (Turnstone)
Last Stop, Lonesome Town, Tara Azzopardi (Mansfield)
Love Me Tender, Nick Papaxanthos (Mansfield)
Keeping Watch at the End of the World, Harry Thurston (Gaspereau)
Transmitter and Receiver, Raoul Fernandes  (Nightwood)
Bodymap, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (Mawenzi House)
The Brief Reincarnation of a Girl, Sue Goyette (Gaspereau)
Fauxccasional Poems, Daniel Scott Tysdal (icehouse)


A Gentle Habit, Cherie Dimaline (Kegedonce)
Pauls, Jess Taylor (BookThug)
Welcome to the Circus, Rhonda Douglas (Freehand)
Swing in the House, Anita Anand (Esplanade)
Meticulous, Sad and Lonely, Ian Roy (BuschekBooks)
Lessons from a Nude Man, Donna Besel (Hagios)
Moving Parts, Lana Pesch (Arsenal Pulp)
Debris, Kevin Hardcastle (Biblioasis)
Last Words, Hugh Graham (Exile)
Bad Day for Ralphie, Jim Christy (Hidden Brook)
I Am What I Am Because You Are What you Are, Carole Glasser Langille (Gaspereau)
Knife Party at the Hotel Europa, Mark Anthony Jarman (Goose Lane)
Confidence, Russell Smith (Bilbioasis)
Dance Moves of the Near Future, Tim Conley (New Star)
Night Moves, Richard van Camp (Enfield &Wizenty)
The Little Washer of Sorrows, Katherine Fawcett (Thistledown)

Monday, January 09, 2017

2016 ReLit Shortlists Coming Soon

We apologize for the delay in this year's awards.

The 2016 ReLit shortlists will be announced soon. Thank you for your patience.

Monday, February 01, 2016

2015 ReLit Winners


MxT, Sina Queyras (Coach House) 


Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome,

Megan Gail Coles (Killick)  


The Tiny Wife, Andrew Kaufman (Cormorant) 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 ReLit Long Shortlists


North East, Wendy McGrath (NeWest)
Motion Sickness, Ursula Pflug/ Sk Dyment (Inanna)
Pedal, Chelsea Rooney (Caitlin)
Savour, Jackie Bateman (Anvil)
Celia's Song, Lee Maracle (Cormorant)
Walt, Russell Wangersky (Anansi)
Polyamorous Love Song, Jacob Wren (BookThug)
Jazz, Elizabeth Copeland (Quattro)
Motherwild, Ken Rivard (Thistledown)
Just Beneath My Skin, Darren Greer (Cormorant)
My Grandmother's Pill, Lisa Pike (Guernica)
Hysteric, Nelly Arcan (Anvil)
The Green Hotel, Jesse Gilmour (Quattro)
The Tiny Wife, Andrew Kaufman (Cormorant)
New Tab, Guillaume Morissette (Vehicule)
Bunny and Shark, Alisha Piercy (BookThug)
Barker, Wayne Tefs (Turnstone)
The First Principles of Dreaming, Beth Goobie (Second Story)
Carafola, Christine Miscione (Mansfield)
Universal Bureau of Copyrights, Bertrand Laverdure (BookThug)
Mr. Jones, Margaret Sweatman (Goose Lane)


On Malice, Ken Babstock (Coach House)
Easy Fix, Blair Trewartha (Palimpsest)
Mavor's Bones, Rolli (8th House)
Yaw, Dani Couture (Mansfield)
Two Tragedies in 429 Breaths, Susan Paddon (Brick)
Open Letter: Woman Against Violence
Against Women,  Sheri-D Wilson (Frontenac)
Broom Broom, Brecken Hancock (Coach House)
When We Were Old, Peter Unwin (Cormorant)
House Dreams, Deanna Young (Brick)
After Words, Stan Rogel (Guernica)
School, Jen Currin (Coach House)
In the Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci, Jeffrey Round (Tightrope)
The Scarborough, Michael Lista (Signal)
M x T, Sina Queyras (Coach House)
Thou, Aisha Sasha John (BookThug)   
Poems Suitable to Current
Material Conditions, Frank Davey (Mansfield)


What I Want to Tell Goes Like This, Matt Rader (Nightwood)
Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome, Megan Gail Coles (Killick)
Hello, Sweetheart, Elaine McCluskey (Enfield & Wizenty)
Boundary Problems, Greg Bechtel (Freehand)
I Am Currently Working on a Novel, Rolli (Tightrope)
The Gift of Women, George McWhirter (Exile)
I'm Not Scared of You or Anything, Jon Paul Fiorentino (Anvil)
Nothing Looks Familiar, Shawn Syms (Arsenal Pulp)
We Don't Listen to Them, Sean Johnston (Thistledown)
Paradise & Elsewhere, Kathy Page (Biblioasis)
How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun, Doretta Lau (Nightwood)  
Some Extremely Boring Drives, Marguerite Pigeon (NeWest)
How You Were Born, Kate Cayley (Pedlar)
Gifts for the One Who Comes After, Helen Marshall (ChiZine)
By the Book, Diane Schoemperlen (Biblioasis)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 ReLit Shortlists Coming Soon

The 2015 ReLit shortlists will be announced soon.
Thank you for your patience. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2014 ReLit Winners


Auxiliary Skins, Christine Miscione (Exile)


Placeholder, Charmaine Cadeau (Brick) 

Savage 1986-2011, Nathaniel G. Moore (Anvil)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 ReLit Shortlists

Longlists have been eliminated in favour of long shortlists.


Rogue Cells/ Carbon Harbour, Garry Thomas Morse (Talonbooks)  
The Miracle of Ordinary Men, Amanda Leduc (ECW)
Burning From the Inside, Christine Walde (DCB)
The Strangers' Gallery, Paul Bowdring (Vagrant)
Sneaker Wave, Jeff Beamish (Oolichan)
Anatomy of a Girl Gang, Ashley Little (Arsenal Pulp)
Caught, Lisa Moore (Anansi)
Paradise Revisited, Shane Joseph (Blue Denim Press)
Say Nothing Saw Wood, Joel Thomas Hynes (Running the Goat)
Infidelity, Stacey May Fowles (ECW)
The Alphabet Stones, Ursula Pflug (Blue Denim Press)
Fallsy Downsies, Stephanie Domet (Invisible)
The Desperates, Greg Kearney (Cormorant)
Savage 1986-2011, Nathaniel G. Moore (Anvil)
Every Little Thing, Chad Pelley (Breakwater)
Juanita Wildrose My True Life, Susan Downe (Pedlar)


Auxiliary Skins, Christine Miscione (Exile)
Dear Leaves I Miss You, Sara Heinonen (Mansfield)
All We Want is Everything, Andrew F. Sullivan (ARP Books)
The Critic and Other Stories, Martin Hunter (Cormorant)
After it Rains, Bill Haugland (Vehicule)
Someone Somewhere, Dana Mills (Gaspereau)
You Haven't Changed a Bit, Astrid Blodgett (UOA Pres)
The Other Side of Youth, Kelli Deeth (Arsenal Pulp)
Exceptions & Deceptions, Cliff Burns (Black Dog Press)
Keeping the Peace, Colette Maitland (Biblioasis)
They Never Told Me, Austin Clarke (Exile)
Life Without Death, Peter Unwin (Cormorant)
Islands of Decolonial Love, Leanne Simpson (ARP Books)    
Red Girl Rat Boy, Cynthia Flood (Biblioasis)  


The Ends of the Earth, Jacqueline Turner (ECW)
Monkey Soap, Glen Downie (Mansfield)
Forge, Kevin McPherson Eckhoff (Invisible)
The Sea with No One in it, Niki Koulouris (Porcupine's Quill)
 Liquidities, Daphne Marlatt (Talon)
Coping with Emotions and Otters, Dina Del Bucchia (Talonbooks)
When This World Comes to an End, Kate Cayley (Brick)
How Poetry Saved My Life, Amber Dawn (Arsenal Pulp)
Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis, Robin Richardson (ECW)
The Family China, Ann Shin (Brick)
Love's Not the Way to, Stan Rogal (BookLand)
The Polymers, Adam Dickinson (Anansi)
Hard Ass, Sharon McCartney (Palimpsest)
The Lost Letters, Catherine Greenwood (Brick)
The Cockeyed World, Jim Christy (Guernica)
For Display Purposes Only, David Seymour (Coach House)
Placeholder, Charmaine Cadeau (Brick)
Multitudes, Margaret Christakos (Coach House)
Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books, Stephen Brockwell (Mansfield)
What the World Said, Jason Camlot (Mansfield)
A Pretty Sight, David O'Meara (Coach House)
Our Days in Vaudeville, Stuart Ross (Mansfield)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 ReLit Shortlists Coming Soon

We apologize for the delay in this year's awards.

We are delighted to report that we have secured a generous and astonishingly supportive sponsor for the ReLit rings, and the awards will continue.

The 2014 ReLit shortlists will be announced soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ReLit Awards Could Face Final Year

The ReLit Awards, now in their fourteenth year, will come to an end this year should a funder not be found for the ReLit rings.

The ReLit Awards, founded by Newfoundland author and filmmaker, Kenneth J Harvey, are considered Canada's "pre-eminent literary prize recognizing independent presses."

The ReLit rings, made with four moveable dials, each stamped with the entire alphabet for spelling words, are crafted by Newfoundland goldsmith, Christopher Kearney.

For the past few years, the three rings were funded by an anonymous donor. However, the donor is no longer in a position to continue supporting the ReLits.

The ReLit Awards are seeking a new anonymous donor and/or donations from publishers in order to ensure that these awards continue.

For further information, please contact:  Ideas@ReLitAwards.com 

Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 ReLit Winners


Every House is Haunted, Ian Rogers (CZP)


Omens in the Year of the Ox, Steven Price (Brick Books)


Life is About Losing Everything, Lynn Crosbie (Anansi)

Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 ReLit Shortlists

Longlists have been eliminated in favour of long shortlists.


Trobairitz, Catherine Owen (Anvil Press)
The Unmemntioable, Erin Moure (Anansi)
New and Selected Poems, Cliff Burns (Black Dog Press)
Conflict, Christine McNair (BookThug)
Riot Lung, Leah Horlick (Thistledown)
Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement, Ronna Bloom (Pedlar)
Natural Capital, Jason Heroux (Mansfield)
Our Gleaming Bones Unrobed, Grant Loveys (ECW)
Personals, Ian Williams (Freehand)
Omens in the Year of the Ox, Steven Price (Brick)


Love and the Mess WE're In, Stephen Marche (Gaspereau)
Minor Episodes Major Ruckus, Garry Thomas Morse (TalonBooks)
The Lava in My Bones, Barry Webster (Arsenal)
Given, Susan Musgrave (Thistledown)
Mount Royal, Basil Papademos (Tightrope)
Heidegger Stairwell, Kayt Burgess (3-Day Books)
Life is About Losing Everything, Lynn Crosbie (Anansi)
Lockpick Pornography, Joey Comeau (ECW)
Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies, James Marshall (CZP)
Maidenhead, Tamara Faith Berger (Coach House Press)
Texas, Claudio Gaudio (Quattro)
Dirty Bird, Keir Lowther (Tightrope)
Husk, Corey Redekop (ECW)
Whitetail Shooting Gallery, Annette Lapointe (Anvil)


Tracie's Revenge & Other Stories, Wade Bell (Guernica)
Seen Reading, Julie Wilson (Freehand)
People Who Disappear, Alex Leslie (Freehand)
Escape and Other Stories, Trevor Clark (Now or Never)
Dibidalen, Sean Virgo (Thistledown)
The Weeping Chair, Donald Ward (Thistledown)
Subtitles, Domenico Capilongo (Guernica)
How to Get Along with Women, Elisabeth De Mariaffi (Invisible)
Every House is Haunted, Ian Rogers (CZP)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013 ReLit Shortlists

2013 ReLit Shortlists Will Be Announced on November 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012 ReLit Winners

ReLit founder Kenneth J. Harvey (left) presented the 2012 ReLit Award rings to winning writers Suzette Mayr, Monoceros (Coach House Press), Greg Kearney, Pretty (Exile Editions), and Patrick Friesen, Jumping in the Asylum (Quattro Books).
The October 29th evening's event was once again hosted by the Ottawa International Writers Festival.

photo credit: John W. MacDonald

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 ReLit Shortlists


The Ditch was Lit Like This, Sean Johnston (Thistledown)

Jumping in the Asylum, Patrick Friesen (Quattro)
Grunt of the Minotaur, Robin Richardson (Insomniac)
Post-apothecary, Sandra Ridley (Pedlar)
Woods Wolf Girl, Cornelia Hoogland (Wolsak & Wynn)
Straight Razor Days, Joel Thomas Hynes (Pedlar)


The Odious Child, Carolyn Black (Nightwood)
Stopping for Strangers, Daniel Griffin (Esplanade)
Easy Living, Jesus Hardwell (Exile)
Shag Carpet Action, Matthew Firth (Anvil)
Distillery Songs, Mike Spry (Insomniac)
Pretty, Greg Kearney (Exile)


Prick, Ashley Little (Tightrope)
Easy to Like, Edward Riche (Anansi)
Monoceros, Suzette Mayr (Coach House)
Dirty Feet, Edem Awumey (Anansi)
Break Me, Tom Reynolds (Quattro)
Flowers of Spit, Catherine Mavrikakis (Bookthug)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

2012 ReLit Longlists


Idaho Winter, Tony Burgess (ECW)

The Boy, Betty Jane Hegerat (Oolichan)

Flowers of Spit, Catherine Mavrikakis (Bookthug)

Prick, Ashley Little (Tightrope)

Bloodline, Stan Rogal (Insomniac)

Snowball, Dragonfly, Jew, Stuart Ross (ECW)

Monoceros, Suzette Mayr (Coach House)

Maintenance, Rob Benvie (Coach House)

Kalila, Rosemary Nixon (Goose Lane)

Easy to Like, Edward Riche (Anansi)

Cherry Beach Express, R.D. Cain (ECW)

Dirty Feet, Edem Awumey (Anansi)

Soldier of the Horse, Robert W. Mackay (Touchwood)

Description of the Blazing World, Michael Murphy (Freehand)

Constance,  Across, Richard Cumyn (Quattro)

Missing Matisse, Jan Rehner (Inanna)

Algoma, Dani Couture (Invisible)

Six Metres of Pavement, Farzana Doctor (Dundurn)

The Last Stoic, Morgan Wade (Hidden Brook)

Break Me, Tom Reynolds (Quattro)

Mongrel, Marko Sijan (Mansfield)

Hard Hed, Charles Tidler (Anvil)

The Ballard of Martin B., Michael Mirolla (Quattro)

A Hard Gold Thread, Catherine Black (Guernica)

Intention Implication Wind, Ken Sparling (Pedlar)

The Time We All Went Marching, Arley McNeney (Goose Lane)

These Shadows Remain, B.W. Powe (Guernica)

The Tattoo, Pan Bouyoucas (Cormorant)

Adrift, Loren Edizel (TSAR)

Glass Boys, Nicole Lundrigan (Douglas & McIntyre)

   Drift, Leo Brent Robillard (Turnstone)



   The Anatomy of Clay, Gillian Sze (ECW)

The Crystal Palace, Carey Toane (Mansfield)

Myoclonus, Douglas Livingston (Emmerson Street)

Blindfold, John Mikhail Asfour (MQUP)

Spinning Side Kick, Anita Lahey (Signal)

Onion Man, Kathryn Mockler (Tightrope)

Gift Horse, Mark Callanan (Signal)

The Id Kid, Linda Besner (Signal)

Li’l Bastard, David McGimpsey (Coach House)

Grace Shiver, Cathy Stonehouse (Inanna)

The Monotony of Fatal Accidents, Richard Krueger (Bookthug)

Contrary, Ruth Roach Pierson (Tightrope)

This Way, Lise Downe (Bookthug)

Only the Fallen Can See, Jude Neale (Leaf Press)

Hooligans, Lillian Necakov (Mansfield)

Apollinaire’s Speech to the War Medic, Jake Kennedy (Bookthug)

Wretched Beast, Shelley A. Leedahl (BuschekBooks)

The Pillow Books, Karen Mulhallen (Black Moss)

Sunday, the Locusts, Jim Johnstone (Tightrope)

Fluttertongue 5, Steven Ross Smith ( Turnstone)

Match, Helen Guri (Coach House)

Easy Peasy, Kevin McPherson Eckoff (Snare)

Sweet Devilry, Yi-Mei Tsiang (Oolichan)

A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People, Gabe Foreman (Coach House)

Strong Bread, Giovanna Riccio (Quattro)

Echoic Mimic, Lesley Trites (Snare)

Jumping in the Asylum, Patrick Friesen (Quattro)

A Walker in the City, Meira Cook (Brick)

England is Mine, Todd Swift (DC Books)

Straight Razor Days, Joel Thomas Hynes (Pedlar)

The Cure is a Forest, Desi di Nardo (Guernica)

The Truth of Houses, Ann Scowcroft (Brick)

And See What Happens, Ursula Vaira (Caitlin)

Startled Night, Elana Wolff (Guernica)

Love Figures, Sam Cheuk (Insomniac)

The Collected Poems of Patrick Lane, Patrick Lane (Harbour)

Woods Wolf Girl, Cornelia Hoogland (Wolsak & Wynn)

Civil and Civic, Jonathan Bennett (ECW)

Crow, Cornelia Hoogland (Black Moss)

Campfire Radio Rhapsody, Robert Earl Stewart (Mansfield)

Insomniac Blues, Linda Frank (BuschekBooks)

The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live, Christian McPherson (Now or Never)

Dying a Little, Barry Dempster (Wolsak & Wynn)

True, Kirsty Elliot (Leaf Press)

Dance, Monster!, Stan Rogal (Insomniac)

What is the Sound of Someone Unravelling, Marsha Barber (Borealis)

There Devil, Eat that, Jonarno Lawson (Pedlar)

Red, George Elliott Clarke (Gaspereau)

Versions of North, G.P. Lainsbury (Caitlin)

Wore Down Trust, Michael Blouin (Pedlar)

Apologetic for Joy, Jessica Hiemstra-van der Horst (Goose Lane)

Forge, Jan Zwicky (Gaspereau)

Narcissus Unfolding, Jim Nason (Frontenac)

Post-apothecary, Sandra Ridley (Pedlar)

Methodist Hatchet, Ken Babstock (Anansi)

The Ditch was Lit Like This, Sean Johnston (Thistledown)

Earworm, Nick Thran (Nightwood)

No End in Strangeness, Bruce Taylor (Cormorant)

Err, Shane Rhodes (Nightwood)

Grunt of the Minotaur, Robin Richardson (Insomniac)

Beautiful Mutants, Adam Pottle (Caitlin)

A Page From the Wonders of Life on Earth, Stephanie Bolster (Brick)

Book of Disorders, Luciano Iacobelli (Quattro)

Gulf, Leslie Vryenhoek (Oolichan)

Hypotheticals, Leigh Kotsilidis (Coach House)




   Nothing Could Be Further, Tim Conley (Emmerson Street)

Stopping for Strangers, Daniel Griffin (Esplanade)

Shag Carpet Action, Matthew Firth (Anvil)

God’s Autobio, Rolli (Now or Never)

The Girl on the Escalator, Jim Nason (Tightrope)

Pretty, Greg Kearney (Exile)

Easy Living, Jesus Hardwell (Exile)

Holidays, Darcy Rhyno (Borealis)

Distillery Songs, Mike Spry (Insomniac)

And Also Sharks, Jessica Westhead (Cormorant)

Pollen, Tom Abray (DC Books)

Talking at the Woodpile, David Thompson (Caitlin)

Leaving Berlin, Britt Holmstrom (Thistledown)

The Reverse Cowgirl, David Whitton (Freehand)

The Odious Child, Carolyn Black (Nightwood)