Sunday, August 01, 2010

2010 ReLit Longlists


The Lizard and Other Stories, Michael Bryson (Chaudiere)
The Practice of Perfection, Mary Frances Coady (Coteau)
In the Wake of Loss, Sheila James (Ronsdale)
Men of Salt, Men of Earth, Matt Lennox (Oberon)
Ruins & Relics, Alice Zorn (NeWest)
Scrabble Lessons, Leslie Vryenhoek (Oolichan)
Buying Cigarettes for the Dog, Stuart Ross (Freehand)
The Moon of Letting Go, Richard Van Camp (Enfield & Wizenty)
What Boys Like, Amy Jones (Biblioasis)
The Only Thing I Have, Rhonda Waterfall (Arsenal Pulp)
The Last Shot, Leon Rooke (Thomas Allen)
Fatted Calf Blues, Steven Mayoff (Turnstone)
What We’re Made Of, Ryan Turner (Oberon)
Wax Boats, Sarah Roberts (Caitlin)
Sentimental Exorcisms, David Derry (Coach House)


Away From Everywhere, Chad Pelley (Breakwater)
Fishing for Bacon, Michael Davie (NeWest)
The Trestler House, Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska (Gurnica)
Hero, Paul Butler (Vagrant)
Wrong Bar, Nathaniel G. Moore (Tightrope)
The Finger’s Twist, Lee Lamothe (Raven Stone)
Dog Eat Rat, Tom Walmsley (Mansfield)
Overqualified, Joey Comeau (ECW)
Stripmalling, Jon Paul Fiorentino (ECW)
The Beautiful Children, Michael Kenyon (Thistledown)
Rebecca, Born in the Maelstrom, Marie-Claire Blais (Anansi)
The Chief Factor’s Daughter, Vanessa Winn (Touchwood)
Grinder, Mike Knowles (ECW)
Swap, John McFetridge (ECW)
Scammed, Ron Chudley (Touchwood)
The Incident Report, Martha Baillie (Pedlar)
The Prescription Errors, Charles Demers (Insomniac)
The Cousin, John Calabro (Quattro)
Sundre, Christopher Willard (Esplanade)
Holding Still For As Long As Possible, Zoe Whittall (Anansi)
My Sweet Curiosity, Amanda Hale (Thistledown)
Turtle, Gerard Beirne (Oberon)
February, Lisa Moore (Anansi)
The Plight House, Jason Hrivnak (Pedlar)
The Honey Locust, Jeffrey Round (Cormorant)
Harbour View, Binnie Brennan (Quattro)
The Wolsenburg Clock, Jay Ruzesky (Thistledown)
The Carnivore, Mark Sinnett (ECW)
Of All The Ways To Die, Brenda Niskala (Quattro)
Savage Adoration, Gale Zoe Garnett (Exile)
Thought You Were Dead, Terry Griggs (Biblioasis)
Octopus Intelligence, Timothy Quinn (Guernica)
No Place Strange, Diana Fitzgerald Bryden (Key Porter)
Wednesday Night at the End of the World, Helene Rioux (Cormorant)
After the Red Night, Christiane Frenette (Cormorant)
Going Fast, Elaine McCluskey (Goose Lane)
Lovesongs of Emmanuel Taggart, Syr Ruus (Breakwater)
Kaspoit!, Dennis E. Bolen (Anvil)
The Factory Voice, Jeanette Lynes (Coteau)
The Heart Specialist, Claire Holden Rothman (Cormorant)
Lemon, Cordelia Strube (Coach House)
Broken Road, Melissa Hardy (Exile)


Animals of My Own Kind, Harry Thurston (Signal)
Ivan’s Birches, Barry Dempster (Pedlar)
Exploding into Night, Sandy Pool (Guernica)
Ten Thousand Miles Between Us, Rocco de Giacomo (Quattro)
Lisa Robertson's Magenta Soul Whip, Lisa Robertson (Coach House)
A Nice Place to Visit, Sky Gilbert (ECW)
The Others Raisd in Me, Gregory Betts (Pedlar)
Always Die Before Your Mother, Patrick Woodcock (ECW)
Paper Radio, Damian Rogers (ECW)
Red Nest, Gillian Jerome (Nightwood)
The Last House, Michael Kenyon (Brick)
The Certainty Dream, Kate Hall (Coach House)
The Benjamin Sonnets, Clint Burnham (BookThug)
Pigeon, Karen Solie (Anansi)
The Horse Knows the Way, Dave Margoshes (BuschekBooks)
Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse, Phoebe Tsang (Tightrope)
14 Tractors, Gerald Hill (NeWest)
Orioles in the Oranges, Melanie Janisse (Guernica)
The Craving of Knives, Blaine Marchand (BuschekBooks)
Wait Until Late Afternoon, David Bateman/ Hiromi Goto (Frontenac)
Automaton Biographies, Larissa Lai (Arsenal Pulp)
Reticent Bodies, Moez Surani (Wolsak & Wynn)
The Exile’s Papers, Wayne Clifford (Porcupine’s Quill)
Witness, Robert Currie (Hagios)
Figuring Ground, Robert Moore (Wolsak & Wynn)
Declining America, Rob Budde (BookThug)
God of Missed Connections, Elizabeth Bachinsky (Nightwood)
One, Serge Patrice Thibodeau (Goose Lane)
Boxing the Compass, Richard Greene (Signal)
Obituary of Light, Susan Musgrave (Leaf Press)
Selected Poems, Robert Bringhurst (Gaspereau)
Trace & Trace, Zachariah Wells (Biblioasis)
White Light Primitive, Andrew Stubbs (Hagios)
Frenzy, Catherine Owen (Anvil)
Slender Human Weight, Sue Chenette (Guernica)
Next to Nothing, Christina McRae (Wolsak & Wynn)
The Essential Don Coles, Don Coles (Porcupine’s Quill)
Expeditions of a Chimaera, Erin Moure/Oana Avasilichioaei (BookThug)
Lousy Explorers, Laisha Rosnau (Nightwood)
Fish Bones, Gillian Sze (DC Books)
I & I, George Elliott Clarke (Goose Lane)
Other People’s Lives, Chris Hutchinson (Brick)
The Essential James Reaney, James Reaney (Porcupine’s Quill)
Never More There, Stephen Rowe (Nightwood)
Coal and Roses, P.K. Page (Porcupine’s Quill)
The Fly in Autumn, David Zieroth (Harbour)
The Dead Can’t Dance, Pam Calabrese MacLean (Ronsdale)
Pastels Are Pretty Much the Polar Opposite of Chalk, Nathaniel G. Moore (DC Books)
Hooked, Carolyn Smart (Brick)
McPoems, Billeh Nickerson (Arsenal Pulp)
Bone Dream, Moira MacDougall (Tightrope)
Somewhere to Run From, Tara-Michelle Ziniuk (Tightrope)
Fifth World Drum, Anna Marie Sewell (Frontenac)
Precipitous Signs: A Rain Journal, Leanne Boschman (Leaf Press)
The Bones of the World Begin to Show, Marilyn Gear Pilling (Black Moss)
Cantilevered Songs, John Lent (Thistledown)